An Empty Dialysis Bed: Whats the Reason?

An Empty Dialysis Bed: What’s the Reason?


Today, I want to share something about An Empty Dialysis Bed: what’s the reason? So let’s start, I remember it was a foggy morning of cold January. I entered in the dialysis center and I realized I rush too early today, only few beds were filled.


Saying good morning to the staff there, I reached to my bed after checking my dry weight and waiting for my turn to start my dialysis. After a while, all the patients in my room started their dialysis process except one patient.


While waiting for my turn, I was enjoying all that stuff, which was often held at the center. Some people were afraid of dialysis and frightened to see the long needles used for dialysis. Meanwhile, I realized that patient of bed number four was not there.


He was a young, caring and handsome man who always takes extra care of his health and food. He loved good, homemade food and always brought his own food. I don’t know why, but I stuck with bed number four. My thoughts were around the possibilities of why he was not on his bed?


Throughout the dialysis, I kept thinking about the patient. I just assume that might be he was not in the city and join us in next dialysis, might be stuck in an urgent meeting. My dialysis was complete, and I was thinking about the empty dialysis bed on the way to home.



In my next dialysis, I heard the sad news that patient of bed number four is no more with us, ah!!


He left this world after his last dialysis’ night. That news shocked me because I was not excepting something like that about him. He was full of life with shiny eyes. He was so lively.


So the reason behind an empty bed was his “Death”.


After some time i receive a call for my kidney transplant and the first thing that clicks my thoughts that what people will assume about my empty dialysis bed?




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